work clothes
Kara got herself a fancy new job, but she needs new clothes. WE GOT THIS.
work clothes
I couldn’t control what students or colleagues would say or how they would behave, but I could control how I felt about my presence in the classroom. I did that by embracing my personal style.
work clothes
It's so hot I can barely function but I still have to make a dollar, you know?
outfit ideas
By the way, every time you read the word "leather," feel free to mentally slip the word "faux" in there, if you so choose.
work clothes
I’m so used to working in sweats that I'm having a hard time getting dressed in the morning.
work clothes
Standard office clothing, especially for women, is f#$*ing expensive. And putting it together is time consuming.
white house
Usually, I show up at happy hour, a time warp that apparently belongs to the working, in my uniform -- whatever's not dirty with a blazer. But this afternoon I'm headed to the White House. Help!

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