underage girls
Our cultural canon is built on the backs of young girls.
woody allen
There are new details emerging about Woody Allen's alleged abuse of his then-7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow. It's disturbing, but will it make anyone stop seeing his movies?
joyce maynard
On Saturday, author Joyce Maynard slammed a male film critic for inferring that her teenage relationship with then-53-year-old JD Salinger had anything to do with the new film adaptation of her book "Labor Day."
Despite the evidence (or lack thereof), “legal justice” takes on a bizarre new meaning within the intersection of fame and infamy.
dylan farrow
Many times what it comes down to is whether a conviction can be obtained. And that's it. No matter what a child is saying, no matter if they're telling the truth -- that is what decides whether a case is prosecuted at all.
Now instead of just ripping off Annie Hall's outfits, we can copy Diane's interior decorating style.
elia kazan
How is it possible that I can be horrified by his behavior, and still support his career?