gay bars
As a gay man bar tending in a gay bar, do I prioritize my level of customer service based on gender? Hell, no.

Feb 5, 2014 at 1:00pm | 718 comments

the pill
The author of a controversial new book about the alleged risks and dangers of hormonal birth control shares her thoughts on the matter.
real women
I'd like to see the word "real" abolished from conversations about human beings.

May 1, 2014 at 3:00pm | 281 comments

When I hear other women say they can’t stand women, it makes me sad because what they’re really saying is that they can’t stand parts of themselves.
We can't lose sight of the fact that an incredible thing happened that night.

Mar 18, 2014 at 12:00pm | 179 comments

How about the ladies all get to relax and we let men play nice for a change?
street harassment
Street harassment remains a pervasive cultural problem and no community is immune.
Does that make them incredibly vain and insecure? To me, it seems like not the biggest of whoops.
Ladies, stay gorgeous forever or else your husband might stop loving you, OK? See, a new study concludes that men are happier when married to "good-looking" women. Barf. And duh.
What could a white female COO whose net worth is more than $1 billion tell a black female writer like me about how to succeed professionally? Fortunately there's a new book that picks up where 'Lean In' left off.
A black woman pulled me aside to tell me what other black women think when they see a white woman with a black baby.
Hooking up wasn't the problem; the problem was how I compulsively relied on alcohol to help satisfy my bottomless need for male approval.
In my industry -- literary agenting -- it’s the first cliché you learn: don’t represent poetry. It’s commercial poison.
It isn’t the taste and it isn’t the smell of smoking. For me, it’s a whole hell of a lot of memories.

Apr 16, 2014 at 11:00am | 88 comments

Ah crap. I would love it if an employer told me I didn't have to stay at work until 8:00 every night.
daily mail
A 54-year-old writer pushes readers' buttons by gleefully describing what it's like to look 25 years younger than she is (with zero plastic surgery, thank you very much).
A depressing new study found that dudes on OKCupid are most attracted to women who claim to be cheaters.
Women aren’t sad or pathetic for not single-handedly disavowing and dismantling an ever-growing consumer culture that feeds on and magnifies every possible human insecurity.
Sadly, all my loud, rah-rah feminist beliefs about how we have every right to feel awesome about ourselves sort of ... mainly applies to other women.
gender relations
Those ladies may delude themselves into thinking they have an equal place in society, but of course men will keep them where they belong.
Though I was previously not sold on the Coachella thing, after creating this list of women musicians on their next line-up, I am completely jealous of anyone who gets to go.