street harassment
I stood there seething, my heart pounding, frustrated and embarrassed that I couldn’t get him to stop or go away.
Abortion funds are nonprofit organizations that raise money specifically to help women and girls pay for their abortions.
Earlier this year, Choice USA launched a "Bro-Choice" campaign to encourage men to speak out against reproductive injustice. Cut to hoards of conservative bloggers lambasting an imaginary douche collective of "horny young men who think 'women's right to choose' translates to 'men's right to use.'"
The Mississippi appendectomy lives on, although usually it occurs in concert with a C-section, when it’s relatively easy to access the fallopian tubes for a quick sterilization procedure while the patient is unconscious or sedated.
A boy with a blog had scared a government with a nuclear program. Touché.

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Actually, the police had banned us from "walking." I slut congregated in India?