If Wednesday at 6:55pm is the "right time" to start drinking during the week, are there right times to start my other vices too?

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being an adult
Every week we justify this splurge simply because it makes us happy, and helps us feel like adults who have their shit together, even if we are worried about our careers and student loans every other day of the week.
I was planning to write a light post about what to drink besides water and wine, then something heavy happened and shit got real.

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estancia wines
YUP. COFFEE WINE. IN A CAN. My gut reaction was a kind of upset gurgling sound, but my first verbal reaction was “WHY THOUGH.”
Enough has been written about what to drink with lemongrass foam-topped heritage chicken terrine, so here are some food and wine pairing basics using food you might actually eat this week.
Here’s a breakdown of different types of eco-wines produced in the U.S., how they’re labeled, and what they mean for your health.

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I'm so excited I could jump into a bathtub full of wine and stay there until Tuesday! In fact, I think I might just do that.
Hint: By the end of this story, we resort to unorthodox methods of making sparkling wine.
Sometimes "sports" are less about athletics and more about how we should always try to be good ones. Even when you really don't wanna.
7 alternate uses for the step-aunt grade shudder juice you can't force down your throat.

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