Jenn's grandpa didn't want a funeral, but a party in celebration of his life. But what does she wear?
fashion sweatpants
I am probably the worst person to answer this question.
casual dress
I want to wear something vintage-y without looking like it's Halloween and also that I can afford on my "the government hates its soldiers budget."
first impressions
And in the end the answer is just what your mom would've said. "Just be yourself! How could anyone not like you?"
It SHOULDN'T take a lot of money to show your devotion for the ladiest of the ladies.
amusement park
What can Rachel wear that will make her look effortlessly awesome?
Spoiler Alert! I have never seen or read any of the Harry Potter books/movies.
The trick to dressing up for a music show is to not dress up at all.
adriana papell