I don't want to accept my body and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
weight loss
maria menounos
In college I was 40 pounds heavier. But it was when I was skinny that I had the most serious health crisis of my life.
"Healthy" gimmick-y diet-y stuff is not my thing, or so I thought—until I juice fasted for a week on this special program. And it sort of...turned my life around.
My office has just launched a brand new weight loss incentive. While participation is not mandatory (thank god), its presence has made a discernible impact around the office.
online dating
I recall standing at the door of the bar waiting for my date to arrive. Ten minutes passed, then twenty. An hour later, after crying to myself in the back of a cab, I came home to an email from him. “Sorry. Not for me.”
All of the risks, combined with the fact that I could just end up fat again, have completely taken weight loss surgery off the table for me. And don’t think I haven’t strongly considered it before.
butter porn
Everybody was super mean to Paula Deen when she announced she had type 2 diabetes. But now she's lost weight so we can all be nice to her again! Yay?
weight loss
Remarking on someone’s weight loss is a bad conversation starter, period.
Wrap yourself in rubber, bring a clean change of underpants and get ready to VIBRATE!

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FAT IS NOT MAKING YOU UNHAPPY. All our accumulated cultural crap around bodies and expectations are.
losing weight
When you deal with your weight loss issues, you suddenly trigger Other People’s Weight Loss Issues, which means that you suddenly have to deal with their shit as well as your own.
I feel certain that my doctor did not prescribe me Topamax for its possible weight loss side effects, but that small mention stuck with me as the hardest to process, because it comes with the most baggage.

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No one ever said to me, "Hey, I’m sorry I contributed to the development of a powerful self-loathing for basically all of your most formative years, which you would then have to spend the next decade unpacking!" No one ever acknowledged that this was a bad idea.
weight watchers
My coach was always checking in, which was nice. But I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind that we just might be numbers to her.
the biggest loser
“The Biggest Loser” is just one of the constant commercial reminders of what our bodies are and what they’re expected to be.
married life
I suddenly realized that the thinner my man got, the worse I felt about myself.
A recent article out of the Mayo Clinic has found that obese teenagers are at “significant risk” of eating disorders, but their symptoms are likely to be ignored by doctors. WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED?
I unsubscribed to The Knot's wedding planner app when it alerted me that I had not "started a fitness routine to get in shape for the wedding."
I filmed myself and put the videos on YouTube in a series called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” Suddenly, one of my videos went viral and my inbox exploded.
I went to buy Spanx, but since they won’t allow you to try Spanx on in the dressing rooms I had to buy three different sizes to ensure I would create the maximum amount of stomach suckage.

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