getting pregnant with michelle tea
When I finally polish off a big, fat jar of Vlasic dill spears, I gaze down at a pint or so of absolutely mouth-watering pickle juice. And I want to drink the whole entire thing.
weight gain
I filmed myself and put the videos on YouTube in a series called “A Fat Girl Dancing.” Suddenly, one of my videos went viral and my inbox exploded.
weight gain
Cut forward to a little over a year, and more than a few nights spent in pursuit of nothing more than Netflix marathons, a rotating diet of takeout food, and bottles upon bottles of wine, and I have gained over 90 pounds.
baby weight
I can’t stop thinking about how unattractive I am, and I’m so mad at myself for caring.
Samantha Brick's controversial article in the Daily Mail about how fat signifies failure resonated with me. And it made me throw out all of the leftover Easter candy.
kim kardashian
Now that Kim is with child, the blaring, critical headlines about her body have reached a nauseating fever pitch.
dildo lasers
Scientists say worrying about being fat can actually make you fat. So I want to know if you can spend one day refusing to worry about being fat, or getting fat, or any other perceived imperfection of your body.
burrito addiction
Running a half-marathon actually caused me to go up a pants size -- and I'm not alone.
Do my nuptials even count if I look like I'm capable of lifting a champagne glass or cake knife with one noodle-like arm?

Jun 12, 2012 at 1:00pm | 245 comments

body issues
Or you might as well learn to enjoy being fat sometimes since you're going to be anyway.

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