If you catch me buying shades for more than 100 bucks, you are legally allowed to slap me.
Welcome to our new and improved version of Outfit of the Week! And yes, we still want to see your pics, so upload away!
warby parker
Plus, a bonus Make-a-Snowman Kit that will mean not only are you giving your friend a gift of style, you're ensuring they'll also have the chicest snowman on the block. These things matter, people.
we were paid for this
At just $95, a proper pair of glasses is the perfect gift to give (and to get).
warby parker
In celebration of their first-ever store, Warby Parker is giving away an amazing weekend for two. This is one contest you’ll want to enter. Trust me.
FEATURING SUPER UNFLATTERING MUGSHOT-LIKE PICTURES. I will buy whatever glasses you guys like best. I swear.

Nov 15, 2012 at 1:00pm | 222 comments