I promise you, one day I will go back to writing about clothes. Just not anytime soon. We are in serious danger right now as women.

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electoral politics
Naturally, people are angry. I get it. But, I'm starting to lose patience. For three years I've lived among the tyranny of the court of public opinion. Because some voters can't accept that Rob Ford earned the majority of the votes.
Okay, seriously, I cannot tell you how excited I am that it is ELECTION DAY!!!!!!!!
Civics is a required class to graduate in many high schools, and yet we don’t allow students who are being educated in American government issues to undertake that most basic rite of passage, that of casting a ballot.
electoral politics
I'm totally gonna SHOULD you about this. SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD.

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You can’t base decisions at the polls on one thing someone said once, and I’m tired of the media acting like you should.

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Whether or not you share my views on the justice system, whether you believe in a rehabilitative or retributive model, if you live in California, I hope you consider voting yes with me.
If you're NOT voting today, this is probably gonna totally guilt-trip you.
voting rights
Without the VRA in place, corruption, racist laws, and discrimination can reach new, dizzying heights.
2012 election
I’m really excited to know that you’re thinking about voting, but I want to make sure that you’re registered to vote, because it would totally suck to go to the polls and find out you couldn’t cast a ballot.
Study shows parenting style influences political leanings of children, which means everything I know about the 80s is a lie.
There's a concerted effort in the United States to turn voting into a privilege available for the few, just as it was at the start of this nation's history when only white male property owners could vote, and the rest of us were, as they say, SOL.
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If you, say, have a housemate who does sex work, you could face prison time under Prop 35. Wish I were joking.
I'm going to buy some new glasses and your vote will decide!

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I believe that our political opinions don't form in a vacuum but are influenced by the environment in which we are raised. So I asked some people about it. This is what they said.

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