I don’t know how to tell people that I’d rather be let down by white society than be let down by white individuals.
Maybe one day violence against women will no longer exist. Until then, I’m keeping my gun.

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It seems like every woman I know has developed a strategy for dealing with that slimy feeling of a deserted train car or an empty, dark street.
bar fights
Some guy tried to fight me last weekend, and it shook me up more than I even realized at the time.
corporal punishment
The dream of public school corporal punishment is alive and living in Texas.
I grew up learning that the only way to deal with bullies is to ignore them, the sort of I'm-rubber-you're-glue rhetoric that conflict-avoiders love. To acknowledge a fear of catcalling strangers, even among friends, feels a bit like letting the bullies win.
We joke in our household that I am traumatized by the extent of the battle sounds I’ve heard over the years, and it's funny, but the truth is that I am deeply disturbed by these games.

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Sean and another dad simultaneously yelled, “Someone's shooting in the mall!” at the same time that I literally leapt out of my seat, pulled my child out of a tunnel by his feet, and ran.
There will never be an appropriate time to say that this nation only stands at attention when the majority of victims are white Americans, as was the case at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, so I might as well say it today.
My own attempts to challenge sexism within the sport have often been met with hostility. TRIGGER WARNING: descriptions of domestic and sexual assault.
mental illness
Parents are familiar with tantrums. But imagine extremely violent episodes that can last for hours or even days, with children lashing out, destroying furniture, harming themselves, or hurting family members and pets.
The metal-loving author of a new book explains how the media -- and many parents -- have gotten it wrong when it comes to 'dark' teen dabblings like gaming, Slayer, and Satanism.
domestic abuse
Somehow I let her hurt me. I chalk it up to a combination of immaturity and never expecting domestic violence to come in the package of my supposedly feminist, future doctor girlfriend.
prison reform
Whenever I tell people I taught at a men's maximum security prison, I'm asked if I was afraid to do it, and in response I usually tell this story.
sex work
It didn't hit home until a sex worker I know was assaulted by a client. And she needed help.

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What's happened to our society that people now shoot each other at football games?
There’s a lot of violence against women in the show, and it’s specifically violence against helpless, hapless women who need to be rescued by the nice police officers. I get quite enough of that sort of thing in my pop culture, thank you.