You think today's beauty commercials are trying to make you feel inadequate? It's nothing compared to the TV spots of a few decades ago.
twin peaks
I recreated wearable, updated versions of five characters’ looks, because everyone has a "Twin Peaks" archetype.
movie posters
I wish I knew the thought process that went into these posters, but they’re a special kind of baffling.
The best way to give your outfits some vintage flair is with accessories.
Because back then, the people hanging stage-side looked just as good as the ones up front.
Feast your eyes on a genuine relic from the late 20th century: "When You Meet a Lesbian: Hints for the Heterosexual Women."
Sadly, most women struggle with insecurities about their bodies -- we want the lights off during sex, to cover certain body parts we're ashamed of, or we don't even want to get intimate at all.
your outfits of the week
To put it in perspective, a $3K Chanel bag bought on a whim would put my next three months of rent in jeopardy.
The day I found my first pillbox, I set it on top of my head and felt like a new vintage goddess.
keeping it sexy
It was so hard for me NOT to include a pun in that title.
home decor
I've figured out some inexpensive yet fancy ways to personalize your homestead.
Dita Von Teese has agreed to be our newest xoJane advice columnist, answering your questions about how to incorporate glamour into your everyday life -- from styling tips, clothing, lingerie, body image, confidence and loving yourself.
I found them all in the same charity shop (and don’t think for a second I’m charitable enough to tell you which one), and thought they were all so utterly fabulous I couldn’t bear to leave any behind and took the lot.

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Those 40s housewife dresses that I loved now just sort of made me look… like a housewife.
Lilly Pulitzer was a wealthy socialite in 1960s Palm Beach when she started making dresses both to relieve boredom and to solve a problem: Her good clothes were always getting ruined by fruit juice stains.
It's less of a compulsive thing than a reverent one. I consider myself a curator of Gucci.
a ring is not a marriage
Look, Jane's just lucky I didn't title this piece "If I'd Liked It, Then I Would Have Put a Ring On It"!
Imitate the most fashionable doll of all-time, but with the bonus of moveable limbs!
Just in time for the HBO show's second season, a tutorial fit for a speakeasy!
I wish I was a world-famous diva so I had a reason to wear multi-colored feather dresses like this one on the regular.

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