Am I playing games or just trying to protect myself? Probably a little of both.
tracy anderson
Or mine, or yours. But that doesn't mean people will stop offering unsolicited advice on how we should strive to 'improve' ourselves. Ugh.
plastic surgery
A noted Beverly Hills surgeon admits he gave his now-wife a 'Wonder Woman' makeover before asking her to marry him -- on their first date. (Also, uggghhh to body-shaming partners.)
social media
In a new article, a bunch of researchers try to explain our cultural obsession with oversharing. Sadly, we still don't have a firm grasp on what our problem is.
A depressing new study found that dudes on OKCupid are most attracted to women who claim to be cheaters.
[Ed. Note: Do not read this post during lunch. It is seriously gross. I'm not kidding. You've been warned. OK. - Julieanne.]