A black male is killed by police every 28 hours in America. This is a racial issue.

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It doesn't hurt me to be called "ugly" by some jerk on Twitter.

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fucking up on social media
The United States is falling apart at the seams and its persistent class problems are a significant social issue, not something to be memeified and jokingly posted on the FAFSA Twitter account.
we were paid for this
Take a walk with me down memory lane -- to that time I almost had to pee in a coffee cup that was on the floor of my car.
the internet
Saying the word “boyfriend” on my Twitter or Instagram elicits the most heinous responses from men who are fans of my radio-show-having ex.
fat acceptance
The following day he posted my address and the addresses and phone numbers of my husband’s business, my family members and all the interviewees in our film on a site called pastebin.
NO ONE should get told they look great “for their age.” Why can’t someone just look great?

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Being a black woman is great. But being a black woman on social media can be a pain in the ass.
social media
Rape culture is not a bogeyman that causes rape, but a lens for looking at myths about rape.
I didn’t want my tweet to be posted out of context later.
We can't lose sight of the fact that an incredible thing happened that night.

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internet magic
A new Twitter game allows you to send erotic, anonymous messages to strangers, and the results are weirdly touching.
sxsw festival
We chose a bunch of our favorite shameless-in-a-good-way human beings to celebrate at the SXSW Festival this year!
Did you post a picture of you having the best time ever online? Yeah, that's a gloatgram.
thought catalog
People participate in social justice hashtags because of their invested interest in them, and not because I simply tell people to join. My personal friends as well as my Twitter community really carried the conversation.

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What you don't know CAN hurt you; this was, as many Twitter users said yesterday, like telling someone who's asking for a restraining order to just wear a blindfold.

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