twin peaks
I’ve been in love with "Twin Peaks" for nearly 4 years. It’s the longest relationship I’ve had thus far.
the walking dead
Maybe we're all just happier with our own lives when something reminds us, "Hey, it could be worse, I could be a lizard that Tom Hardy stomps on."
adam richman
He told a friend of mine to kill herself, told another to eat a bag of sh-t, and completely went on the attack, lacking any modicum of class or decorum.
For a series set in prison, it is probably the best show about beauty and makeup I have ever seen.
orphan black
All played by Tatiana Maslany, the clones are each distinct in personality, tone and demeanor -- and style
louis ck
Contrary to what many on the Internet are saying, I did not find this "Louie" episode to be insightful or brave. I just found it condescending.
Summer can be a tricky time for decent television. Thankfully, things are starting to look up...
When I started dating a guy with a TV, I spent hours at his house watching horrible network shows and ignoring him.
Watching smart television turn into insane nonsense, it’s as if the networks don't know what children are actually like.
stephen colbert
I tend to take it hard when my favorite characters get killed off, especially when it happens in a sudden or crazy fashion.
house of cards
SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT click if you haven't binge watched House of Cards Season 2. Also, are we concerned about binge watching as a new pastime? Also: Spoilers.
the frisky
lifetime movie
This week's hard hitting look at the Acclaimed-by-No-One, No-One's-Waiting-Up-on-Oscar-Nomination-Morning Lifetime movie, "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax." And by hard hitting, I mean FILL UP YOUR GLASSES AND LET THE DRINKING GAME BEGIN.
sesame street
I missed the diversity and acceptance of being surrounded by other cultures, so I was glad to be able to watch "Sesame Street" and feel that sense of belonging.
the style con
In addition to its delightful campiness and an incomparable performance by the one and only Jessica Lange, this show has all its fashion archetypes covered in every 60-minute bloodbath.
For my friends, methamphetamine is a plot device, a prop in a show. For me it has been the very real possibility that my brother would burn our house down while we slept.
Maybe, I reasoned, it was high time the show featured a Bloated, Knocked-Up Bride Who Does Not Give a Damn.
secret dummy
Or all the things I’ve never read, watched, or understood, but apparently should have.

Dec 8, 2013 at 11:00am | 330 comments

Witches are having a pop culture moment, says everyone in the universe.
orange is the new black
No, I have not matured from the 15-year-old who wanted to be an undercover cop because of "21 Jump Street" it seems.
I almost coined the term "screep" for this article. But then I decided it was neither sexy nor creepy enough.