Before I got this license, I tried to board airplanes with stuff like, a Polaroid of me and Mr. T. THE TSA CERTAINLY DID NOT PITY THIS PARTICULAR FOOL.

May 30, 2013 at 4:00pm | 199 comments

At 20, I decided that if the world wasn’t going to do me the favor of killing me off young, I’d do it myself. But now what?
bathing suits
If I'll be more confident when I'm 50 does that mean I should hold off on the cleavage tattoo reading "like a boss" I had planned?
I hesitated. It was the whole plummeting-to-the-earth-consciously-and-risking-my-life bit that was cause for pause.
aging gracefully
Had I decided to write full time at 25, I might have been a wunderkind. Now I’m just a writer.
This is going to be much less useful than the version Mandy did for her 37th birthday, because as we've firmly established, I really haven't learnt all that much.

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