Here's my response to the person who said "No one wants to see this" about my breastfeeding photo.
If you have to start a blog analyzing why you’re freaked out about getting engaged, perhaps you shouldn’t be.
I started blogging because I wanted to inspire women and now the thing I think about the most when posting outfit photos is "How likely are these photos to turn on some creepy guy and make him desire to tell me about it?"
different is good
I wish I gave a shit about sports, the way Daisy does. But I don't. I care about My Little Pony and glitter instead.
I mean, not ALL the time. But sometimes it just seems like the lesser effort to scroll through a bunch of strangers' thoughts on Downton Abbey than to actually get naked with someone.
I never get rid of anything, unless it falls victim to tech failure. I've kept the first website I ever designed, the first poems I've ever written, the portfolio I painstakingly crafted to get into art school - all of it safe and sound, backed up on hard drives.

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the frisky
Don’t get me wrong -- I (mostly) support guidelines for Internet communities, such as ones that minimize things like underage porn and hate speech. But few social media sites have guidelines that are clear, consistent, and nuanced enough to deal with all variations of expression.
My Tumblr is full of fat girls! Yay. Yay?

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Hand Job Time Machine. If you had one, to whom would you give one? Inspired Sex genius, Heather Weil has a Tumblr full of ideas to get you started. (NSFW-ish photo inside.)

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