A black male is killed by police every 28 hours in America. This is a racial issue.

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That romantic in me? The one who tempered her reasonable expectations about dating with the odd lingering fondness for kismet and destiny? She was killed by online dating.
being fat all over the internet
It's a special extra terrible feeling to know that not only is your inbox liable to be a minefield of vitriol attacking your very existence, your image is being used to perpetuate racism and other forms of oppression.
Finally I got a return email. I was halfway to an adrenaline buzz as I opened it. But, instead of an attack that I was intentionally trying to draw out of her, I found this.

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I was unnerved that some people didn’t just disagree with me: they wanted my very existence, my very humanity, erased, as painfully as possible, starting with my vagina.
Sexual harassment allegations and claims of misogynistic abuse online both involve women talking about something they experience as hurtful. So in both cases there are people lined up to tell them that it never happened.