my brown baby
The Jesus I know would not have gotten out of his car to confront some kid on his way from the store. The Jesus I know would have cared more about the state of the hearts of the kids parked at a gas station than the sound in their speakers.
thought catalog
The truth is many white liberals in this country have come to believe a lie. A lie that says just because they are “liberal” or can quote W.E.B. DuBois or have one friend who’s black, it means they are no longer racist.
As a younger man, I was vaguely aware of the dual racism and sexism of the trophy white girlfriend -- the sexism of reducing a woman into a status symbol and the self-hating racism of exoticizing her whiteness as “pure” or “unique.
trayvon martin
Yesterday I walked past a sign that read simply "Trayvon Martin" and now I'm wondering what it means.

Jul 19, 2013 at 4:30pm | 126 comments

internet racism
With the recent buzz surrounding Paula Deen and the Trayvon Martin case, I’ve all but imploded due to the levels of bullshit and delusion I’ve seen posted on my Facebook news feed.
trayvon martin
A huge travesty of justice has occurred. Please remember: "The song of the life triumphant/ Through the kids who die."

Jul 15, 2013 at 12:30pm | 41 comments

trayvon martin
So the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial is in and it’s exactly what I said it would be.
PSAs clearly align with archetypes of good and evil. Expressing anger through actions? Evil. George Zimmerman killing an unarmed teenager? Not evil.
rachel jeantel
In this race-heavy week, I just want to say that attitude is not the default emotion of Black people. It’s not even an emotion.
sara benincasa
When I heard about the tragic subway death of a young man at the Bedford L stop this weekend, I wondered immediately if surveillance footage of the grisly tragedy had hit YouTube.
My job as a parent is to make sure my son doesn’t carry the weight of society. I can’t raise him to fear. I won’t.