pap smear
What follows are some tips that I've gathered from more than 15 years of working with folks for whom getting this life-saving test is an act of heroism.
trigger warnings
I don't find trigger warnings particularly useful, but our conversations about them tell me a lot about what we think about trauma survivors.
Within dissociation, we can experience depersonalisation, which is the feeling of not being in your own body -– almost as if you are watching your life go by.
Today's my first free Thursday afternoon in over 3 years, and it feels weird-good.

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The word “pretty” makes me cringe, especially when it’s referring, to, uh, me.
I still can't get over the time I makeshifted a "waffle outfit."

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breast cancer
Gibbons was completing a solo circumnavigation of Lake Michigan to raise money for breast cancer survivors. Police and her team think he was probably tracking her via her blog, and used it to find an opportune moment to sexually assault her.
It was a good friend of mine who coined the term “Emotional Stuffing” for this very effective technique I've been using for, well, my entire life.
Why I spent my birthday weekend trying to get in touch with my inner child through an experiental psychodrama workshop, despite the fact that at least 5 of the words in this sentence make me want to drive a glass shard into my throat.

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I call it "Dick Psychology" -- how our initial, childhood interactions with pensies are projected onto every guy we've been with thereafter, whether postive, traumatic or benign.
I have spent many years refusing to say in so many words that my mom “left” my dad and me. But the fact of the matter is that she did leave, and she did not take me with her.

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