you are the advice columnist
My usual response would be calling her out on her racist and homophobic behavior- should I use this as an educational moment or just bow out of the event?
No matter the individual, no matter the group, no matter how liberal or accepting you think someone is – they’re BOUND to let you down when it comes to steering clear of transphobia.
teen pregnancy
What would a comprehensive, inclusive, radical teen pregnancy awareness, education, and discussion campaign actually look like?
I wasn’t aware that Glenn Beck was the current head of the "Who’s a real man?” club, but evidently he is, and he used the power vested in him to strip President Obama of his man privileges.
trans issues
There are reasons many transgender people live in stealth and choose not to undergo transition at work, and cases like this highlight one facet of the dangers facing members of the trans community.
An estimated 260 people died worldwide last year specifically because they were transgender/transsexual, many horrifically. They were beaten to death, they were burned, they were shot.

Nov 20, 2012 at 2:00pm | 47 comments