I don’t have the time to waste on hit pieces targeting me and my identity.
Potty parity is a practical concern par excellence. It’s a final frontier, the porcelain ceiling, if you will.
trans issues
Don’t out people. Don’t out people without their permission. Just don’t do it.
Calling a transgender woman a man on a nationally televised show reinforces some very dangerous attitudes about trans women.
Have you ever said something sort of dumb and immature on the internet?

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are people really objecting on these terms whut?
You cannot freeze a band in amber. Well, you could try. But they’d probably be very sticky and not make many more albums. Because it’s hard to make an album when you are frozen in tree sap.
trans issues
I didn’t even realize I was becoming an “abused woman” because I had too much self-loathing to consider myself a “real woman.”
On "Catfish," I saw a cute love story. The hosts saw a freak show and let their millions of viewers know it.
While my co-workers and I can have a dialogue about my identity and what I experience, I don't have time to take on the burden of educating each person that offends me throughout the day.

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teen pregnancy
What would a comprehensive, inclusive, radical teen pregnancy awareness, education, and discussion campaign actually look like?
trans issues
“Sex” is our way of making sense of bodily difference in a world committed to the notion that there are two distinct and inalterable genders.
you are the advice columnist
Should I just accept that there are certain things I have to give up to be trans?
you are the advice columnist
I want to talk to him even though he seems hell-bent on shutting everyone out.
trans issues
Lorena Escalera’s life as a performer and model was cut short, and the Times decided to mark that by sensationalising and exploiting her death.

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friends and lovers
It makes me want to tear up and make some cliché comment about how love is love, etc etc.
the frisky
I am a dude who is straight and cisgender (that is, someone whose gender identity matches their biology) and who seems to have no stake in this fight. Here’s why I take transgender issues personally.

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trans issues
One day I was called to a meeting with my manager and the company's human resources director. They were very concerned; rumors had been going around that I was transsexual (which was true, though I had not said so to anyone I worked with).
trans issues
Like most trans people, I’ve had to be strategic and creative in piecing together my transition.
trans issues
Of course California would wait until the minute I've left the state for the opposite side of the country to pass a recordbreaking law and get it officially signed by the Governor.
trans issues
Given the rising number of discussions about bullying and how to fight it in schools, it’s particularly shameful that the people at fault for the bullying of transgender students in elementary school are often adults.
trans issues
There are reasons many transgender people live in stealth and choose not to undergo transition at work, and cases like this highlight one facet of the dangers facing members of the trans community.
Joe is doing the right thing, and he’s getting on the right side of history here. By coming out publicly in support of trans rights, he’s sending a clear message, just as he did when he supported same-sex marriage.