beauty products
BB cream is one of those products - along with styling wax, face serums and powder - that I simply don’t ‘get’. And that’s ok, isn’t it?
bb cream
Someone pulled this product directly from my wildest beauty dreams.
cheek tint
In Britain, many women only take 2 minutes to put on their makeup in the mornings. Clearly, I have found my true country.
Okay, now, I don't want to get anyone's hopes up, but I feel like I might have stumbled upon the Perfect Face Formula. (Don't tell anyone! No, wait, DO!)
I'm writing these bitches up as I pull them one by one directly from my filthy white Balenciaga, which is also full of stray grimy fruit snacks with old Xanax bars stuck to them.
Sleep is for babies! But looking good when you're strung out and exhausted is for everyone.