A friend of mine told me she chatted with Tom Green on Tinder, which was the final tipping point in getting me to join the hookuppy dating app.
bad boyfriends
I don’t seek out bad men. I just see the good in them, sometimes where very little good exists.
People use online dating sites to find life partners AND to fulfill their foot fetishes. It’s all what you make of it — plus, I liked having the power of the swipe.
For the most part, people looking for a ménage à trois through digital means are often uninterested in developing any kind of relationship beyond a quick check-in over gin-and-tonics to ensure that no one involved is a serial killer.
the frisky
There is always margin for error when it comes to dating, but while multi-tasking on your iPhone, that margin is enormous.
reality tv
If reality television wants to grow and stick around, it might need to make a few changes.