Today's my first free Thursday afternoon in over 3 years, and it feels weird-good.

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Even though internally I am a hot mess, on the outside my appearance is the same.
you are the advice columnist
What can I do? Should I come out about my mental health to HR? Should I petition to change the leave policy?
What I got was a two page letter, obviously written by an individual whose job it is to review sealed records and extract whatever information it is legal to provide.
Most people learn trust as a child from the people raising them, but I learned to go on roller coasters on my own.
My question is how can I tell people (i.e. my friends) about this?
When my friends tell me that they want to help, I totally understand what they are saying, and I love them for offering, but I kind of wish they wouldn't.
Plus, win a Kindle Paperwhite and a $100 gift certificate, or a copy of "Coming Clean" by Kimberly Rae Miller!
how not to be a dick
There are no awards given for most suffering during a massage.
getting pregnant with michelle tea
I found this great chart that lists all of the local therapists that do take my insurance, and I opened it up and got overwhelmed. There are so many of them! How do I make my choice?
My budget is tight right now. But my dog is worth it.

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I gave up on therapy over a decade ago because I apparently bore psychologists to sleep with my problems.

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Yes, it is a little atypical that my boyfriend and I don’t fight, but things have been working out so far, right?
I grew up in a house where horoscopes were banned, and nonfiction was the genre of choice. So personality tests, and all the crunchy-hippie-granola-hooey that goes with them? Not up my alley.
I have a collection of innovative avoidance behaviors, designed to keep me from acknowledging or dealing with any unpleasantness that should befall me

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I went to therapy once. For exactly a year. I don't think it worked.

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My race of women are supposed to be strong. But the truth of the matter is that black folks battle with suicide just as much as the next person. We just don’t talk about it much.
When life knocks you on your ass, you can continue on the path of least resistance and hope that everything ends up okay, or you can put your ass back in the ring and learn how to fight again.
“Oh, your mom's a shrink in New Haven,” I joked, slurring my words slightly. “Is her name Carol?”

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