90s television
We’ve designed a foolproof way to determine who your date really is, using just one simple question: “What is your favorite ’90s kid’s show?”
the jane dough
I’m on a mission to clear the name of some of my all-time favorite movies that have been deemed “chick-flicks” when they really, really aren’t.
the jane dough
The researchers found that most women who are employed full-time are still pulling more weight at home than the men in their families.
the jane dough
Most children prefer the spunkier twins because they tend to be more fun than the boring, uptight ones. My preferences for Ashley, Tia, Cody, and Annie became really intense because I was on a mission to prove everyone wrong, that the good twins were the best.
“I wish I could quit you,” you whisper to your computer, your computer phone, your computer phone pad, and your computer book pad phone table.
the jane dough
Here are my love letters to the coulda-woulda-shoulda friendships on the 4, 5 and 6 trains.
the jane dough
I didn’t realize how much of a financial burden the relationship had become until the semester when I was traveling to Philly more frequently than my boyfriend was coming to me.
the jane dough
Anyone who has heard “Blurred Lines” knows that the chorus contains some pretty questionable lyrics.
the jane dough
the jane dough
Whatever they looked like, I’m sure my bag and shoes were silly and I clearly never wore/used either one of them again.
the jane dough
For young women, and in New York especially, watching Girls is a requirement.
the jane dough
Have a cocktail and quit your whining. I’m about to reveal to you the formula for how to be a successful executive, a nurturing mother and an adoring and adored wife all at the same time, and I’m not 
charging you a dime.
the jane dough
Each week when I tuned into TeenNick, my eyes were inundated with the same deeply disturbing commercial. This is my attempt to process it. Proceed with caution, because what has been seen can’t be unseen.
I have to admit that The Man was kind of good for me, career-wise. The Man gave me benefits, put me up in nice hotels, and didn’t require hourly billing.
miss piggy
Yes, she can be vain and domineering; she get incredibly jealous and can fly into a volatile rage with little to no warning, but Miss Piggy is still worthy of admiration and (careful, discerning) emulation.
the jane dough
Much of the time, traditions can be wrong, and I think it’s good that progress usually wins out in our ever-changing world. But sometimes traditions are harmless.
This commercial is so flagrantly, unapologetically cruel and nasty, it’s shocking that it made it from conception to reality.
If you went in for an abortion today, would you know what to expect? Would you have any clue what the process would be like? Probably not.
Magic Mike: It’s a great movie, one that reimagines tired gender roles in new and interesting ways.
Potty parity is a practical concern par excellence. It’s a final frontier, the porcelain ceiling, if you will.