unpopular opinion
Peering into the grocery carts of the women that surround me I wonder, how lazy or busy does one have to be to not be able to cook your own oatmeal without the help of a microwave?
delicious delicious food
There's no easy answer for how we solve the problem of providing fresh and healthy food for those living close to the line and I wouldn’t dare be so egotistical to suggest I have the solutions. But each bit we try brings us closer to living healthier.
Pinterest has many wonderful qualities, but I really hate all of the “WHO KNEW YOU ONLY NEED YOUR OWN SALIVA TO CLEAN YOUR WHOLE HOUSE?” and “USE A BANANA TO FIX SCRATCHES ON YOUR DVDs” type pins.
the joy of cooking
Vegetarians -- and anyone else squeamish about raw meat -- might want to skip this one.
delicious delicious food
People, I promise you that with a few simple tools, you, too, can produce deliciously carnivorous dinners without flipping out. Put the pasta away, we’re about to shake and bake.
It's like those movie scenes of wholesome childhood experiences, cooking with a loving family member. Except, you know, with rum.
Cooking for a party of one is awesome, just ask my buttery black garlic roast chicken -- and my ass.