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These stylish women were wonderfully put together for work and play, and danced to a soundtrack of music more powerful and raw than what I’d been listening to at the time.
the frisky
I have created a comprehensive list for ladies with responses to these typical arguments posed by men who believe street harassment is a “crazy” feminist idea that really does not need to be addressed.
kathleen hanna
Miley just needs a good female influence. Someone who can explain to her exactly why Robin Thicke is the worst. A woman who can teach her how to ROCK. That person has arrived in the form of Kathleen Hanna.
rescue dogs
Sometimes my dog just … annoys me.
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Her brand is built on a spectacle, and says something more insidious about American culture and its views on the Black woman’s body than her social commentary ever really can.
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I’m cognizant of the fact that Kale’s nine-month stint of unemployment never made us poor — just temporarily broke.
It’s sort of like the lite version of cohabiting -- we get to play house, without the logistical tough stuff of actually doing so.
birth control
I find it incredibly empowering to have an intimate relationship with the ebbs and flows of my own cycle.
Now that I’m in the thick of planning the big wedding part, I can see why people intentionally elope.
The DMV refused to photograph the 16-year-old because he looked like he was “wearing a disguise.”
geek love
As a little geekling I learned to love enthusiastic, caring dudes through cartoons, TV shows, video games, movies, and books.
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Have we become so conditioned to viewing breasts solely as sexualized body parts that anything outside that immediately causes people to wave their Puritan flags in protest?
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My mom influenced me greatly with the way she dealt with body issues.
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Sure, my close friends and family know what’s going on in my real life, but for everyone outside of that circle, I like to keep it movin’.

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the frisky
Through my struggles, I’ve found solace in the fact that my OB-GYN confirmed “these are common problems,” and “these things happen to everyone.”
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The negative running dialogue in our head can sound like came from a bratty girl in a middle school cafeteria — only it never left. Where the hell does it come from?

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My rough and tumble, soccer playing, LEGO-obsessed, drum-playing seven-year-old still rocks his long curls. And for some reason, it completely throws everyone else off balance.
Don’t stop drinking or recycling. Just use all those wine bottles and corks to make cool crafts!

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dating advice
From now on, I’m going to pay less attention to little physical details in order to learn more about the important ones.
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Upon approaching the attendant at the gate, I was informed that I would not receive a seat until the plane began boarding and that my “priority seating pass” was essentially a priority standby pass.
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If you like what you see, “smile” at the person through the app, and if it’s a match, you’re well on your way to love.