Similar to when chum is thrown out into the water to attract fish, "chumming" is when a guy or a girl sends out little bits of correspondence to see what kind of a reaction he gets.
Imoji is a slightly time-consuming but thoroughly entertaining app that lets you turn your face into a text "sticker." YAY!

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cell phones
No matter how many screeds will be written bemoaning the effect technology has had on our socialization skills, facts are facts: Most of us are not going to be able to leave our phones in our pockets for an entire evening.
A moody introverted sort, I feel wiped out by the end of most workdays, so talking on the phone can feel more like a stressy chore than mellow reconnecting.
you are the advice columnist
Should I ask her if she is not a big Texter? Should I feel like she is taking advantage?
checking email
I didn’t really have to see my ex write things like, “I want to put my tongue in your ass” to a 23-year-old escort, but I did.
Buy some backup cell phone power already.
"I don't like this guy," I told a girlfriend of mine after she finally had sex with a guy she was dating -- and he proceeded not to contact her within 72 hours.
It really feels like your life is over when you text your boss that he is a dickhead and then find a two-week-old tampon inside of you.
I'm the only person who responds to a you're-dumped speech with "FINALLY."
Flirtexting distinguishes itself from sexting by being, well, lamer. The idea is to constantly let the other person know you are thinking of them without being like “im so wet rit now.”
I will text your teenager for no fee at all. Like all day. Seriously.
I've started, for the sake of my sanity, simply interpreting "I’m so bad at getting back to people" as "I’m so bad at being a friend right now" ... and letting it go.
drunk dialing
I sent just the one word, with a question mark after it. At the time, it seemed erotically succinct.

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I took your advice on how to spice up my text life. Results below.

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