I'm knocking on 40's door and rocking a big ol' wire retainer. It's totally dorky, I speak with a lisp, and prevention would have been SO MUCH cheaper.
I don’t mean dreams in which I lose my job or am broken up with unceremoniously. I mean blood-soaked hellscapes populated by a cast of sadistic and morally disfigured villains.
Not to mention Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and how onions "help make you not die."
The Internet is coming for you. PLUS: Which one of you vixens has sold their underwear online to complete strangers? I COMMAND YOU TO BE HONEST.
british men
Gotye has made me realize that boy howdy do I love me some snaggletooth!
dental work
The best part? All of the whitening products I swear by are DRUGSTORE.