At 15, I'd only touched the tip of the heartbreak iceberg. But if I could blast Liz Phair in my bedroom -- and learn how to swear with her emphatic nonchalance -- I might be OK.
I’ve been noticing that kids aren't making any of the hilarious and memorable fashion mistakes that I made when I was their age. HOW DO THEY KNOW BETTER?
You are not going to improve on something this close to perfect. It's just going to end in tears.
late bloomer
Really, what was wrong with me? Nothing. OK, something: Lack of information. Crippling fear. Miscommunication with boys. So actually, a few things.
She was gorgeous, while I clearly looked a mess.
thought catalog
My current 21-year-old self actually liked my sixteen-year-old self a lot. At sixteen I had some pretty interesting thoughts on life that were genuinely profound and beautiful.
daisy coleman
I've seen the dark side of human nature. Now I'm going to protect my daughter with everything I've got.
The metal-loving author of a new book explains how the media -- and many parents -- have gotten it wrong when it comes to 'dark' teen dabblings like gaming, Slayer, and Satanism.
What isn’t clear is the nature of the association between casual sex and poor mental health — which is the cause and which is the effect? Why is casual sex such a bummer?
the frisky
I call bullshit here: the larger rape culture is giving teenage boys a pass to say that they “have no intention to be hostile or demeaning” when they are being just that, as if they just behave boorishly by accident.
Readily available condoms are not necessarily the norm for students in US schools, thanks to moral panic about contraceptives and The Teenagers Having Sex.
Her bedroom consisted of my chair, a mattress with sheets, a towel, a bottle of lotion and a bottle of lube. At different times I found lingerie, a Valentine’s Day stuffed animal, and a poorly written high-school assignment marked 70 percent.
In the pantheon of things I should know how to do by now, taking a sexy pic ranks right up there with crafting a sext. Things I don't really know how to do.
During the summer between 8th and 9th grade, I piled into the back of a truck with some other kids at 5:00 a.m., paper bag lunch in hand, and rode to a wet, humid cornfield to earn some money.
A "Senior List" at a high school in Missouri details the sexual habits of teen girls. Guess what, teen girls? You do not have to be defined by the tiny fraction of your life that is high school.
A young girl gets roughed up by the cops because she looks "too old" for a student metro card. For real?

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I never imagined that I’d have two poorly-behaved stepchildren sucking the joy out of life and that the world would consider me a huge bitch for not loving them.
I blame those brolitas from One Direction for this. God, they're attractive. What?