Adoption was not given to me as an option -- it was more like a punishment.
Instead of becoming a mode of expression and celebration, the yearbook turns into something that's more like a parting shot from school officials.
teen pregnancy
I would defy the stereotypes; I would be more than an unplanned pregnancy.
teen pregnancy
What would a comprehensive, inclusive, radical teen pregnancy awareness, education, and discussion campaign actually look like?
teen pregnancy
First of all, this is a campaign designed to make people feel bad.
We'd spoken briefly about sex before. I'd tried to talk to her about condoms, and she'd assured me she knew all about it and besides, she was a virgin anyway. It was true then.
I will text your teenager for no fee at all. Like all day. Seriously.
Given the choice between teen pregnancy and no kids at all, I chose the former. And I don't regret it one bit.