It's so simple, you’ll probably be wondering why you never thought of it yourself.
work clothes
I’m so used to working in sweats that I'm having a hard time getting dressed in the morning.
i'd start a savings account for this
It's starting to get cold here, and like every fall, I'm looking into my closet and wondering what the hell I wore last year at this time. Seriously, was I naked?

Oct 14, 2013 at 11:00am | 89 comments

Oh, you're most definitely HANGING your sweaters up wrong, too.
thrift store
True thrift stores (NOT expensive vintage boutiques -- they are often confused for one another in conversation) are oftentimes messy, chaotic and full of people. The payoff of a good thrifting day is so, so sweet though.
Reader clairesayswhat introduced me to an adorable stereotype of professional librarians, I turned it into a shopping post.
banana republic
These 10 charmed ladies are on their way to cozy, cable-knitted bliss!
banana republic
In return for all your help with what Jane should wear on TV, here's how to win your own FREE sweater.

Oct 18, 2011 at 5:00pm | 0 comments

I love sweater season so much that several times a year, I think about moving to Antarctica, where it would be sweater season all year round, and there would be penguins, so it is pretty much a win-win.
ask laia
It's never too early to think about mohair sweaters!
I know I shouldn't be thinking about sweaters, but they're like mesh! That's summery, right?
For 7 years I've thought of this Miu Miu sweater; will I get a happy ending?