After hearing about the nun curse superstition, I fully adopted it into my life. I passed by at least a handful of nuns on any given day in Rome, and developed a small but serious breast-grabbing compulsion.

Jan 14, 2014 at 3:00pm | 60 comments

Do I realize that all this sounds a little cray cray? Sure, but it's my family's cray cray and I'll defend it with every ounce of good chi I have in me.
Do you have any superstitions you simply HAVE to abide by or terrible, awful, deathly things will happen to you and your family?
Every time I let myself hope that something will go right in my life, the exact opposite happens. Don't worry, it's not as dire as it sounds.
Be a creep. Poo-poo tradition. Mock the Grim Reaper. Or spin DIY jewelry into wearable feminist concept art.
Last Saturday, I could be heard saying more than once that this summer sucked. Nothing big had happened. Then Mother Nature and Mercury Retrograde were like, "Biiiitch."

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