kate somerville
WAIT. I was supposed to be wearing sunscreen this whole time? Whoops.
Nothing makes me more irritable than a skincare product that uses the words “nourish” and “protect” when the results seem to be “search and destroy.”
I do many, many stupid things - like once putting an entire cupcake in the dryer****. But wearing expired sunscreen shouldn't be one of them.
I’ve now tried almost every sun protector on the market and found four really, really good ones. That are actually fun to wear. LET’S START THE SEXY SUNSCREEN REVOLUTION!!
alba botanica
I spent a long weekend in the relative wilderness and (thanks to certain products) survived without a sunburn or a bug bite.
PLUS: Jane also fantasizes about Keanu Reeves being her boyfriend. Who knew?!
ask hannah
Are you burnt redder than a tomato? Read through for soothing salvation.
How obsessed am I with this new tanning lotion With SPF 30 already? Oh VERY.