A new study lists the top 5 keywords that cause men to get rejected on Internet dating sites. What self-descriptors give you the heebie-jeebies?
sexual harassment
His word choice was both weirdly polite and undeniably offensive.
Maybe they have such a problem with bleeding hearts because they actually can’t stand the sight of blood.
All that this shows is that when presented with something boring (saline and rice cakes) and something awesome (cocaine and Oreos) rats will choose the more awesome thing.
Does that make them incredibly vain and insecure? To me, it seems like not the biggest of whoops.
And several other reasons why you might want to be my friend.
Ladies, stay gorgeous forever or else your husband might stop loving you, OK? See, a new study concludes that men are happier when married to "good-looking" women. Barf. And duh.
'Bringing it on' is associated with a crazy number of injuries -- yet people still insist on treating it more like a dumb hobby than a sport that deserves respect.
impressing boys
aging parents
A new study says sons can barely be bothered to give their elderly parents time and attention when they need it most.
We NEED people who are pretentious about food, because we also have lazy fat idiots like me who routinely buy six packs of TAB just for their otter-choking potential.
A depressing new study found that dudes on OKCupid are most attracted to women who claim to be cheaters.
platonic friendship
Can men and women ever really stop doing studies about whether men and women can be friends? Enough, you sex freaks.
hate sex
Ronnie Spector once sang that "The best part of breakin' up / is when we're makin' up," but Ronnie Spector was also married to a guy who used to show her the golden coffin he had custom made for her if she ever tried to leave him.
Does this mean we're raging, unrepentant social media addicts, or just really into sharing our lives' happiest moments? Probably both.
To me, studies like these smack of an insidious “gotcha!” mentality. If we can spot Teh Gays at a glance, after all, we can make sure they don’t end up sneaking into our hospitals, church groups or our elementary schools.
I mean, there is a baby chick on this thing!!! And it cleans your bathroom! The product, not the chick. Anyway!

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Guess who has the right to discuss this touchy stuff way openly and casually on the internet? ME. And you.
If you're a woman living in the US or England, you're probably not as happy as your mom was at your age.