This time around, job hunting has actually forced me to face some hard truths about my ideas regarding money’s relation to work.
I’d been scanning Craigslist for part-time gigs and came across an ad that seemed too good to be true: “Beautiful college girls sought for nightclub modeling. Receive up to $1000/night. Email pics.”
While The Lusty's mission to showcase dancers of a variety of body types and looks is great in theory, I’m not sure it was so great for business.
sex work
The economic reality is that sex work is the best (and sometimes only) option for me. It’s certainly not always the best choice for my mental health, but neither is poverty.
sex work
There’s a big difference between wearing a push-up bra to make my boobs go from an A to a C and taking that bra off and shoving my tits in some grandpa’s face.

Jan 9, 2013 at 5:00pm | 224 comments

sex work
Empowerment comes in the front door when I can make rent in a singular evening. Yet, it leaves through the back door when I blow it all on pills.
Stripping is a fine profession for grown-ass adults. But it's wrong for adults to sanction the sexualization of children.
body image
Unlike most newbie dancers, I did not improve for a freakishly long time.