My ManServant would only be utilized for those tasks I truly find distasteful.
I was working part time behind the Reference desk at a public library and on the weekends I would often just go straight to the strip club after my library shifts.
It made perfect sense to break into his house for Valentine's Day. No, seriously. It did. I am a mentally stable-ish person and thought it was completely reasonable and romantic.
When she first told me about how she planned to earn money, I was pissed, in complete disbelief and seriously worried for her safety.

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I have just started exploring this aspect of my sexuality and I feel like a creepy old lady trying to have a threesome.
“Pour It Up” could have been important. Instead, it’s a lazy attempt at being controversial.
the frisky
The manager, a fat middle-aged man whose matter-of-fact manner made me uncomfortable copied my ID and gave me a contract to sign. Under my signature I wrote my new stripper name, “Delilah.”
I’d been scanning Craigslist for part-time gigs and came across an ad that seemed too good to be true: “Beautiful college girls sought for nightclub modeling. Receive up to $1000/night. Email pics.”
While The Lusty's mission to showcase dancers of a variety of body types and looks is great in theory, I’m not sure it was so great for business.
bachelor parties
The bachelor isn't out to cheat, but often times his married friends are.
Money is being held hostage in wallets. Like most of the men in the bar, it’s scared and lonely and you need to rescue it.
While you’re traipsing around the club stoked/amazed by the newfound monetization potential of your genitals, be warned -- landmines are everywhere.
male dancers
Our culture tends to focus on making women feel sexy, but in my world the guys get to be sexy and feel sexy -- and we are happy to spread that feeling around.
If you don't believe me that being a stripper is super hard work, why don't you WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES. Get it? 'Cause that's what I did literally, but it's also a metaphor.
channing tatum
FINALLY, we have a male take on the "stripper with a heart of gold" narrative.
The strippery stripper of a stripmonster is Houston Chronicle writer Sarah Tressler, and the finger wagging strippleblower is Richard Connelly of The Houston Press, who finds Tressler's whole schtick entirely inappropriate.
Let me take it to the streets and see what priests and other moms and Heidi Klum have to say.

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