We all need to be better about listening to and seeing what our children are taking into their souls when they’re digesting today’s pop culture.
At some point in all of that, I started to get violent. I’d see a boy I knew and would either slap him or have him slap me. I started to hit my friends.
after work activities
I was stuffed to the gills with food and alcohol, at a strip club surrounded by coworkers who I see daily in a professional setting and (to put it mildly) completely freaked out.
While you’re traipsing around the club stoked/amazed by the newfound monetization potential of your genitals, be warned -- landmines are everywhere.
body image
Unlike most newbie dancers, I did not improve for a freakishly long time.
“This is for couples only,” he the beige suit manager barked, clearly angry. “A couple is a man and a woman.”
A part of me wishes I could sometimes just turn my brain off and enjoy the things that bring other people pleasure. Taking the opportunity to stare at naked women shouldn’t be this complicated.