I had an idea (that I immediately regretted) to write down every single thing some guy said to me while I was just traveling through my day.
street harassment
Whatever anyone thinks of my physical shell is neither here nor there. Nothing gives a stranger on the street the right to grab me, call me “dirty bitch” and “ho” and tell me to suck their dick.
body image
If you're going to street harass me, at least say nice things.
sexual harassment
His word choice was both weirdly polite and undeniably offensive.
street harassment
street harassment
For some men, any woman is fair game. And depending on who they are, what they look like, and where they fall on the socioeconomic spectrum, standing their ground could prove deadly.
He says, “Don’t make me hit you.” He may be ’roided out, judging from his Jose Canseco-like biceps. “Go ahead,” I hiss. “Show everyone on this street what a gentleman you are.”
always nice to be reminded you're ugly
I'd also like to thank you for noting that it's only "from a distance" that I could pass for a transsexual. I am glad that once you get close to me, you can see that I am a biological woman.
Please, like hairy legs would really keep you safe from street harassment.
Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is an oil painter / illustrator whose work focuses on portraiture and social/political themes and her street harassment art.

Mar 1, 2013 at 10:30am | 176 comments

street harassment
Street harassment remains a pervasive cultural problem and no community is immune.
It seems like every woman I know has developed a strategy for dealing with that slimy feeling of a deserted train car or an empty, dark street.
I grew up learning that the only way to deal with bullies is to ignore them, the sort of I'm-rubber-you're-glue rhetoric that conflict-avoiders love. To acknowledge a fear of catcalling strangers, even among friends, feels a bit like letting the bullies win.
I have friends who complain about being approached by strangers all the time. I don't know that life. It fascinates me.

Jun 29, 2012 at 10:00am | 121 comments

street harassment
The truth is, I’m exhausted. And at moments I feel like a regressed feminist, failing to fling my fist in the air at any anti-woman moment.
street harassment
I stood there seething, my heart pounding, frustrated and embarrassed that I couldn’t get him to stop or go away.
Lots of dudes seem to think that there's no higher compliment to pay a lady than to tell her they like the novel she's reading. Are they being friendly, or are they being freaking obnoxious?
street harassment
Everything I had been holding back for years suddenly came bubbling up to the surface. All the years of silently putting up with the the heart-piercing, debasing verbal assaults from guys like this. I was done. Before I knew it I found myself across the street, face to face with the guy in the polo shirt.
I've never actually been attacked, only had close calls, felt really afraid, uncomfortable. Still, each time I run, frightening fantasies tend to run along with me.
street harassment
Most of the commenters thought that I should consider myself “lucky” to be street harassed and that I should take it as a compliment because of how unattractive I am.