He said, "I may never be comfortable having a physical relationship with you and that's something you need to be OK with."
In 2003, 63% of sexually active teens were busting out the love glove for sexytimes. Last year, only 59% did.
I came of age in an era when HIV was the monster under the bed, and when blood was something to be deeply feared.
Quick: When was the last time you got tested for sexually transmitted infections? Do you know which infections your doctor’s office tested for? Have you had a new sexual partner since then?
We used several condoms, and even a dental dam. He stayed the night and left the next morning.
I think it’s time to seriously start talking about why the STI rate is climbing in the US, giving us the dubious distinction of being at the top of the list of “most dangerous people to make sweet sweet love to” in the West.
the frisky
We’re definitely not doctors and we highly recommend you see your gynecologist or go to the local clinic right away if you think you might have a sexually transmitted infection. But in the interim, we urge you not to panic.

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I’d suspected something awful a long time ago, when I got what I now know was my first outbreak. I know I shouldn’t have, but I went about my sexual business in the usual way.

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