birth control
“F*ck ovaries,” I was prepared to say, “and their stupid little eggs too. Let’s do this thing! Sterilisation now, ovulation never!”
body politics
As I go under, I will be thinking about the thousands of people who did not undergo this procedure voluntarily, about the thousands in the future who will be forced, deceived, or compelled into sterilisation.
birth control
I had my tubes tied because I never want to have kids, and because I don't want to worry that the political tides will shift against my child-free favor.
i'm so excited i could pee
Dude, you’re about to cram a tenaculum up my cooter while I’m unconscious and strapped to an operating table, I think I can handle you looking at my tits.
The Mississippi appendectomy lives on, although usually it occurs in concert with a C-section, when it’s relatively easy to access the fallopian tubes for a quick sterilization procedure while the patient is unconscious or sedated.