Even with all these gross things that have been done and said to me regarding my race, I thought, perhaps naively, we were moving past this.

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vc andrews
"Stoner" carries a connotation of bearded boy-men waxing shitty poetic about their HS crushes in whatever inane action-comedy TBS can afford to screen.
unpopular opinion
Shockingly, people are upset that I'm not the gay best friend of their dreams.
Did you see a Black woman wearing glasses or reading a book on TV this week?
When I was a receptionist, it was not uncommon for people calling the office where I work to think I was an automated system.

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We are a brown blur, a coded caricature painted in broad strokes where we are all “sassy” and “urban” and cannot simply clean the kitchen floor without finger-snappin’ and mouthpoppin’ at our appliances.
Gay magazine The Advocate did a write-up of the 15 gayest cities in America, and people are piiiissed -- mostly because its criteria rely on a very specific stereotype of LGBT person. Seriously, I refuse to believe the Whole Foods in Tacoma, Washington makes it a gay mecca.
Saying that “all men cheat” lets men off the hook and reinforces untrue stereotypes about male and female sexuality.
Etsy's own policies state that they don't allow items that promote racially motivated hatred. So what's going on here?

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beauty standards
Of course we know beauty comes from within. But how do we actually carry that out into the world?

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daily mail
Guess how often men think about sex, according to a new study from Ohio State University? (Bigger question: Does it even matter in the slightest?)
Money is being held hostage in wallets. Like most of the men in the bar, it’s scared and lonely and you need to rescue it.
intercultural dating
Men can be equal opportunity assholes, regardless of their background. And the same goes for women.
strong women
I never wanted to be a “strong Black woman;” in fact, I bristle when people call me one.
I hope I look back on this post in 10 years and ironically fist-bump my fellow lady coders.

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american apparel
We talk to The American Apparel Anti-sweetheart about life after her hilarious and amazingly wonderful contest "loss."