cell phones
When I found out I was paying $200 to look at Buzzfeed quizzes and have no one call me, I canceled our cell phone plan.
Being a black woman is great. But being a black woman on social media can be a pain in the ass.
social media
In the wake of the overwhelmed Internet have come a new class of apps—apps to keep us from connecting.
internet memes
As we continue to make progress on most fronts (science, mental health, iPhones, reality TV spin offs), language seems to have taken a turn for the worse.
social media
Here again, a black woman speaks her mind, especially on Twitter, and she’s demonized.
social media
Rape culture is not a bogeyman that causes rape, but a lens for looking at myths about rape.
I didn’t want my tweet to be posted out of context later.
We can't lose sight of the fact that an incredible thing happened that night.

Mar 18, 2014 at 12:00pm | 179 comments

social media
I deleted my account the other night and realised that actually, I really like it.
internet magic
A new Twitter game allows you to send erotic, anonymous messages to strangers, and the results are weirdly touching.
sxsw festival
We chose a bunch of our favorite shameless-in-a-good-way human beings to celebrate at the SXSW Festival this year!
The day after his rape charges were dropped he tweeted, "Fav this if you would willingly have sex with me."
An obsession with everyone’s online goings-on — to the point where you neglect what’s happening in your own life, right in front of you — can fuel feelings of isolation and self-doubt as you wonder if other people are better at their jobs, better-liked, or otherwise moving forward more quickly than you.
Checking up on her became a ritual, and as my breakup receded further into the past, I found myself more interested in keeping tabs on her than on him.
thought catalog
I’ll gladly look at one beach photo. I might even “like” it. But I won’t be as amused if six more follow.
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What you don't know CAN hurt you; this was, as many Twitter users said yesterday, like telling someone who's asking for a restraining order to just wear a blindfold.

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social media
Aren’t we non-monogamous partly to avoid cheating and lies?
online persona
A person who wants to do damage to your reputation will find few obstacles online, easily tarnishing your good name. Enter online reputation managers.
social media
The goofy, dorky awkwardness I have in person transforms into sharply delivered one-liners on Twitter and Facebook.
mental health
(Trigger warning for suicide and depression talk, y'all.) When I was 9 years old, I had this plan.