beauty witch
From now on, I'll be bringing you beauty tips from the other side, ghoulish products to check out and maybe even some ways to witch up your wardrobe.
dry skin
I’m not going to lie. The bar itself looks a little like feces. However, it gets the job done at an insanely low price.

Apr 19, 2013 at 1:30pm | 70 comments

What smells take you back in time? And can you please find me a boy to make out with who wears the same cologne as my unrequited high school crush? I can smell it (and him) in my mind as I type this.
Yes, I will eat an entire trayful of Burger King in under 10 minutes, but I will also do that while wearing a white fox fur coat.
Give me a product with honey in it and I'm hooked, and these great products from Beecology are no exception.
bath products
I couldn't survive without my bathtub, and all of the wonderful products inside of it.
Is your favorite military man coming out of his sexy little closet? Here are the loudest, proudest products to celebrate him with.
Is it wrong that I sort of DO want all of the sharks of the world to die?

Aug 23, 2011 at 12:02pm | 0 comments

a beautiful life brands
Bees are just about the coolest little dudes out there, and they can improve your beauty product collection too!
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