When anyone outside of our family bids my son farewell, his knee-jerk reaction is to say absolutely nothing and keep it moving.

Aug 14, 2012 at 4:00pm | 147 comments

i am a crochety curmudgeon
Smile baby guy thinks he’s sergeant of the mood police, and it’s his job to keep things ship-shape and Bristol fashion.
over-friendly strangers
If I'm smiling in public for no apparent reason, it's because I'm either listening to erotica on my iPod or because I'm deeply afraid of the strangers around me.
I'm a perfectionist, a straight-A student and a former cheerleader. I created the plastic version of myself: bubbly and smiley with a refusal to fail.
I’m not going to shill for "The Secret" or tell you depression isn’t real. But maybe there’s something to this whole think happy thing.
Unless you also want to get bitten.