sleep challenge
Chronic lack of sleep is linked to a whole bag of problems.
what the parenting books don't tell you
I'm not sure I even remembered to brush my hair on Monday, but I still managed to trick at least two people into thinking I have it all together. YOU CAN, TOO.
Dreams about your teeth falling out imply that you feel ugly, embarrassed, or a general lack of agency. I had this dream at least once a week after I graduated from college.
According to a study from UC Berkeley, sleep deprivation can cause "stress" in relationships because it makes us unappreciative of our partners. Uh, DUH. When I don't sleep, I turn into a bridge troll who appears to be trying to to make a rage-nest out of her own gums.
i never sleep
I tried those whispering videos. No dice; it's still Insomnia City over here.
dr james maas
Turns out my general sleep schedule, which mostly involves trying to catch up on the weekends, is not nearly as effective as I'd hoped.
curly hair
Since I am someone who is a former hair abuser (there’s a record on file: feel free to see previous photos of my hair on the Interwebs), I like to say "I’m sorry” to my hair at night a couple of times a week.
Yesterday, my man let me sleep in and it felt like he gifted me 10,000 diamond necklaces that are also cookies that also give you oral sex.