My favorite thing to do these days is yell "Ha," in response to catcallers, though even that doesn't always do the trick.
sexual harassment
Attacks on women in the geek world happen daily and are all-pervasive.
body shaming
As a bartender at a neighborhood sports bar and grill, there is nothing sexual about my job.
sexual harassment
His word choice was both weirdly polite and undeniably offensive.
stand up
I always joke that the horrible night everyone made fun of my boobs was my "Batman" moment.
For over 10 years working at a hotel, I have been propositioned with sex more times than I can count.
sexual harassment
I try not to smile in case someone thinks it's distracting, I work with fierce concentration to show I am worth the company I am in. I am painfully sensitive about my academic achievements because they're like a security blanket validating my self-worth.

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Time and time again, women’s sexual and reproductive lives and choices are labeled shameful by a patriarchal power structure that remains intent on perpetuating our inequality.
My psychiatrist told me to leave over and over, because no job was worth this price, and I said no.
sexual assault
A total of 13 women have come forward with sexual harassment claims against the mayor. Many of those women were military sex assault survivors -- and they don't think it's a coincidence that Filner is targeting them.
I may not be multilingual, but I’m fluent in the international language of harassment.
in da club
Sure, part of being a go-go dancer is to get a crowd’s attention and be sexy and sensual, but being sexually harassed is not part of my job description.
I’m on stage. But on this particular night, about five minutes into my set, a table of 10 dudes starting chanting: “Show us your tits! Show us your tits! Show us your tits!”
To be fair, I'm not sure he even did it on purpose. But to be fair, I'm also not sure that matters.
Because we believe that we’d aggressively defend ourselves when harassed, we tend to look down on those who do not, arguing that people contribute to their own victimization by not being more assertive.
Lots of dudes seem to think that there's no higher compliment to pay a lady than to tell her they like the novel she's reading. Are they being friendly, or are they being freaking obnoxious?
anita hill
In 2002 I got a lesson in sexual harassment that I've taken with me to every job since.
Sexual harassment allegations and claims of misogynistic abuse online both involve women talking about something they experience as hurtful. So in both cases there are people lined up to tell them that it never happened.
anthony weiner
Now that we know the Twitter crotch-shot of Rep Weiner was user error while harassing women online, can we stop the jokes?

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