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As far as my past trauma was concerned, my idea was to ignore it and then it would simply go away.
Understandably, those who have experienced the dark side of sex can sometimes forget that sex does have the potential to be incredibly joyful and pleasurable.
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Friends, family, and therapists can reassure you that you are still lovable and pure, but there are some things that become ingrained in your thinking.

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No intercourse. No oral sex. No kissing. No one night stands. No make outs. No dates. Just me.
I wonder what would happen if the Western Buddhist community came completely clean and freely admitted to all the sexual harassment and abuse that has gone on for so many years.

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For god’s sake, my neighbor was five when it began, the same age I was. He didn’t know what he was doing. It certainly couldn’t have been abuse.
Abuse is what happened to children left alone with evil stepfathers. Abuse wasn’t pushing your little brother’s hands away, again and again, until you finally just froze up and zoned out and let it happen.
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My story is about what I went through, trying and failing to protect her and the tragic inaction by police, social workers and the family court system that created a nightmare I never thought we’d escape.
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The Weberman trial verdict just came in: Guilty on 59 counts. But the Hasidic community's "modesty committees" make any sort of progress almost impossible.
Some women become mothers and they soften around the edges and settle into a peaceful life with the baby In some of us, motherhood unlocks a well of anger we did not know existed.