sex in the tech age
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Sexting is the absolute worst, and no one actually likes it.
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Kristie Christie tells the story of the time she and her now husband, David, broke up with their sexters and flirt-texters in the name of creating space for real life intimacy.
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And by sexting, I mean sending pictures of your nakedness.

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Flirtexting distinguishes itself from sexting by being, well, lamer. The idea is to constantly let the other person know you are thinking of them without being like “im so wet rit now.”
naked pictures
BONUS: I ask a bunch of 18-year-olds about their sex lives, feel like a total creeper in the process!
Blaming women for taking private, nude photos of themselves is tantamount to blaming them for being nude in the privacy of their own showers, what with the potential for window treatments to billow in the wind, or the possibility of a fire breaking out.
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When was the last time you showed your boobs to someone while not in the act of sexing? Did it involve alcohol?
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I had just realized that I was probably on a date when he told me that he had naked pictures of me from when I was a teenager.
nude photographs
Whether or not you think there's anything so horrible about say, having herpes, or being a stripper or sending nude photographs to your boyfriend, stigma makes you behave as if you are ashamed of those things.
Please drop everything and help me with this super-important issue.

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Think about it, bros: Is antagonizing a lady with your penis the best way to impress your charms upon her?

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